Mouse Moloclonal Antibody

More than 100 mouse monoclonal antibody-derived macromolecule drugs have been approved by regulation department since 1980s, mouse mab is still playing pivotal roles in biologics development. Hybridoma technique is the center of art in development of mouse monoclonal antibody although many new platforms are coming up. Equipped with cutting-edge electrofusion instrument, iCareab offer fast and reliable hybridoma generation services to worldwide customers.

Service Features

Hybridoma Platform of Excellence

High electrofusion efficiency and standardized workflow
Fast-growing fusion partner cells
Automatic clone plating and clone pickup

NGS based Hybridoma Sequencing

Traditional hybridoma sequencing and NGS method available to retrieve the variable sequences
High through chimeric antibody preparation

SPF Animal Research Facility

We CARE animal welfare
Mouse housed at their comfortable conditions

In Vivo & In vitro Pharmacodynamic Evaluations

Pre-established cell based assays covering various hot targets
Capability of developing customized assays to exclude unwanted binders
SPF animal facility to serve various in vivo models

Developability Analysis Service Available

Equipped with cutting-edge instrument, many developability evaluation methods are available in our lab, such as thermostability, aggregation analysis, affinity determination and epitope binning, PTM analysis….



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