Nanobody Screening Service

Nanobody, also known as single domain antibody or VHH, is camelid-generated heavy-chain-only antibody; this small size antigen-binding molecule demonstrates a number of distinct properties and has broad prospects in antibody drug and diagnosis. When compared with traditional monoclonal antibody, nanobody show superior advantages in construction of multi-specific antibody, tissue penetration, hard-to-target epitopes, cost-effective-manufacturing in different host species. iCareAB offer one-stop customized and flexible nanobody development services to worldwide clients. Our proprietary display platforms, highly experienced scientist, self-owned animal research farm, and well-equipped laboratories make us an excellent choice for your nanobody projects. Worldwide customers interested in nanobody technology are welcomed to contact us.

Diversified Screening Platforms

Phage display

Highly diversified phage libraries (Up to 10^11)

Extensively validated bio-panning strategies, especially cell-based panning for multi-spanning membrane proteins

Fast turnaround time

Guaranteed delivery of candidate binders

Yeast display

Proprietary yeast display platform

Highly diversified yeast library (Up to 10^9)

Powerful tool in functional nanobody screening

Guaranteed delivery of candidate binders

Very fast turnaround time

Single B cell

Straight-forward from cell to candidates  sequences

Void tedious construction of display libraries

NGS-facilitated deep-mining methods

Very fast turnaround time

Extensive Experiences in Druggable Targets

Our extensive research experiences in more than 100 targets, covering allaspects of macromolecules and mechanism of actions, are the guarantee of yourcreative pipelines.

Multi-spanning membrane proteins

Chemokine receptors: CCR8, CXCR2….
Other membrane proteins: CLDN18.2, CD47……

Immune Checkpoints


Neutralizing Nanobody

Cytokines: TSLP, IL17A, IL8, IL6….
Virus: RSV, Rabies virus, COVID19…..

Internalized Nanobodies

Various tumor antigens, such as Nectin4, TROP2, HER2, HER3, EGFR, C-Met…..

T or NK Cell Engagers

CD3, CD16, NKG2D, NKP46…….

Agonist Nanobody

PD1, 41BB, CD40L……

Service Features

Proprietary and Versatile Screening Platform

Fast turnaround time
Guaranteed delivery of candidates fulfilling your specific requirements
Diversified platforms satisfying different project needs

Self-owned Animal Research Farm

We CARE animal welfare
Alpacas or Llamas with clear and traceable background

In Vivo & In vitro Pharmacodynamic Evaluations

Pre-established cell based assays covering various hot targets
Capability of developing customized assays to exclude unwanted binders
SPF animal facility to serve various in vivo models

Nanobody GMP Production Service Available

Yeast-based nanobody production
500L fermenter in GMP facility serves your phase I&II stage requirements
Spray drying tower facilitates your unusual formulation development
Proprietary site-specific conjugation platform boosts your nanobody conjugation drug development

Developability Analysis Service Available

Equipped with cutting-edge instrument, many developability evaluation methods are available in our lab, such as thermostability, aggregation analysis, affinity determination and epitope binning, PTM analysis….



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