Nanobody Discovery Services

With our outstanding nanobody discovery platforms and experienced scientists, we offer guaranteed nanobody drug screening services to worldwide customers.

Nanobody Conjugation Services

As a rising star in macromolecule drugs, NDC is becoming the next blockbuster in antibody drug conjugation territory; with our proprietary site-specific conjugation technology, we provide one-stop NDC discovery solutions to our customers.

Nanobody GMP Production Services

Benefitting from the distinct features of nanobody, it can be manufactured with yeast cells at large scale. Our GMP production center of excellence offer complete nanobody production services covering strain development and banking, process development, formulation development, etc.

Other Services

Full Human Antibody

Full human antibody can be generated using humanized mice, in which the variable regions of heavy or light chain are replaced with human germline VDJ region.

Mouse Moloclonal Antibody

Traditional hybridoma technology is still the center of art in generating mouse monoclonal antibody.

Protein Stability Analysis

Protein thermal stability is one of the key factors influencing its developability. NanotemperDSF is a new gold standard for biologics characterization




iCareAb is committed to the development of tumor immunotherapy technology, providing flow cytometry antibodies for multiple popular targets.

Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant Proteins

Several recombinant proteins, which are popular targets for tumor immunotherapy, are expressed using mammalian cell lines.

CAR Lentiviral Plasmids

CAR Lentiviral Plasmids

Provide high-quality CAR-T/TCR-T cell drug development services to meet the requirements of in vivo and in vitro pharmacodynamic evaluation experiments.