Receptor tyrosine kinase-like orphan receptor-1 (ROR1) is a tumor-associated embryonic antigen discovered in recent years and belongs to the cell surface receptor of the ROR subfamily. It is highly expressed during embryogenesis, but not expressed in normal mature tissues, except for low expression on immature B cell precursor subsets and adipocytes. Current studies have also found that ROR1 is highly expressed in a variety of B-cell malignancies and in a variety of solid tumors such as breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and kidney cancer, and is closely related to tumor development and prognosis. Therefore, ROR1 is an ideal molecular target for targeted therapy of malignant tumors. This product is a second-generation CAR lentiviral expression plasmid targeting ROR1, which can be used for in vivo and in vitro pharmacodynamic experiments.

Product name: Lenti-EF1a-ROR1-2nd-CAR-GFP

Promoter: EF1a [1]

Intracellular co-activation signal: 4- 1 BB /CD3Zata

Resistance gene: Amp

Label: GFP



Compared with the CMV promoter, EF1a can be continuously expressed in immune cells, so it can significantly extend the expression of CAR in T cells.