IL13Rα2 is a glycosylated protein with a molecular weight of approximately 56kDa. Human IL13Rα2 includes a signal sequence of 26 amino acids and an intracellular region of 17 amino acids. The short intracellular protein contains an unknown signal sequence. It can also be found in human placenta, testis, liver, lung, ovary, and brain tissue. In vitro, IL13Rα2 and IL13 have high affinity binding. Human IL13Rα2 has a similar amino-terminal fibronectin region, 4 conserved cysteine residues and the extracellular region of the WSXWS membrane body, N-linked glycosylated protein must bind IL13 in the cell . Studies have shown that IL-13Rα2 is highly expressed in gliomas, so it is a potential target for targeted therapy of gliomas. This product is a second-generation CAR lentiviral expression plasmid targeting IL13Rα2, which can be used for in vivo and in vitro pharmacodynamic experiments.

Product name: Lenti-EF1a-IL13Rα-2nd-CAR

Promoter: EF1a [1]

Intracellular co-activation signal: 4-1BB/CD3Zata

Resistance gene: Amp

Tag: EGFRt [2]



1. Compared with the CMV promoter, EF1a can be continuously expressed in immune cells, so it can significantly extend the expression of CAR in T cells.

2. EGFRt intercepts domain III and domain IV of wild-type EGFR. This truncated EGFRt has no intracellular signal and will not transmit other signals to T cells. At the same time, these two domains are cetuximab Recognizing the epitope and expressing the epitope on T cells can not only serve as a CAR-T screening marker, but also add a safety switch for clinical research. Related flow cytometry antibodies can be queried (iCareAb,CAT# IAB001A)