CAR-T Plasmid

More than 40 kinds of CAR lentiviral expression vectors and lentiviral packaging plasmids cover current clinical research hotspots. On this basis, we can also provide you with one-stop antibody screening, verification, CAR-T construction, in vivo and in vitro pharmacodynamic verification and other services.

Stable cell line

In response to the needs of CAR-T, antibodies, and small molecule targeted drug screening, we have constructed dozens of proven over-expressing luciferase recombinant cell lines, which are suitable for CAR-T in vivo and in vitro pharmacodynamic evaluation experiments.

Antibody Products

Flow cytometry antibodies for multiple popular targets, dedicated to the rapid advancement of your research and development projects. There are also customized services for fully human antibodies, murine monoclonal antibodies, sdAb, and rabbit monoclonal antibodies.

Recombinant protein

Many recombinant proteins are popular targets for tumor immunotherapy, and all proteins are expressed in mammalian cell lines. The label of some products can be removed with enterokinase, etc., to provide customers with unlabeled protein.