Recombinant protein

iCarTab Biotechnology is committed to the development of new products and technologies in the field of biomedicine. In order to meet the needs of our customers for recombinant proteins, we use the mammalian cell expression system to prepare recombinant proteins with different gene extracellular ends for target-related research. . The labels of some products can be removed using enterokinase, etc., to provide customers with unlabeled proteins to prevent the existence of labels from interfering with downstream experiments.

CAT# Protein Name Expression region Tag position Restriction sites
IRP002A Recombinant human PDL1 protein NP_054862.1/(19-238AA) C-terminal Human-Fc Tag
IRP001A 重组人源PD1蛋白 NP_005009.2/(25-170AA) C端Human-Fc Tag