Stable cell line

iCarTab Biotechnology is committed to the development of tumor immunotherapy technology. In response to the needs of CAR-T, antibodies, and small molecule targeted drug screening, we have constructed a number of overexpression stable cell lines that can be used in in vivo and in vitro pharmacodynamic experiments.

No. Cell name Cell type Overexpressed gene
AKD009A K562-PD1 Human chronic myeloid leukemia cells Programmed death receptor 1
AKD008A CHO-S-GFP-puro Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Green fluorescent protein/puromycin resistance gene
AKD007A A549-Mesothlin-2A-GFP Human Lung Cancer Cell Mesothelin/streptomycin resistance gene
AKD006A K562-Mesothelin-2A-GFP Human chronic myeloid leukemia cells Mesothelin/Green Fluorescent Protein
AKD005A K562-CD19 Human chronic myeloid leukemia cells CD19
AKD004A CHO-K1-PDL1 Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells PDL1
AKD003A CHO-K1-PD1 Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells PD1
AKD002A CHO-K1-CD47 Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells hCD47
AKD001A CHO-K1-Mesothelin Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Mesothelin