Stable cell line

iCarTab Biotechnology is committed to the development of tumor immunotherapy technology. In response to the needs of CAR-T, antibodies, and small molecule targeted drug screening, we have constructed a number of overexpression stable cell lines that can be used in in vivo and in vitro pharmacodynamic experiments.

No. Cell name Cell type Overexpressed gene
AKD032A CHO-CD79b Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells CD79b
AKD031A Ramos-Luciferase-GFP Human B lymphocyte tumor cells Luciferase/Green Fluorescent Protein
AKD030A Nalm6-BCMA-Luciferase-GFP Human B lymphoid leukemia cells Luciferase/Green Fluorescent Protein/BCMA
AKD029A 293T-CD19-puro 人肾上皮细胞 CD19
AKD028A VERO-Luciferase-GFP-puro African Green Monkey Kidney Cell Luciferase/puromycin resistance gene
AKD027A U87-Mesothlin- Hygro Human Glioma Cell Mesothelin/streptomycin resistance gene
AKD026A SW480-GFP Human Colon Cancer Cell Green Fluorescent Protein
AKD025A SKOV3-6XARE-Luciferase Human Ovarian Cancer Cell Luciferase
AKD024A Raji-Luciferase-GFP-puro Human Burkitt's Lymphoma Cell Luciferase/Green Fluorescent Protein
AKD023A Raji-GFP Human Burkitt's Lymphoma Cell Green Fluorescent Protein
AKD021A NCI-H23-Luciferase Human non-small cell lung cancer cells Luciferase
AKD020A Nalm-6-luciferase-GFP Human B lymphoid leukemia cells Luciferase/Green Fluorescent Protein
AKD019A MKN45-Luciferase Human Gastric Cancer Cell Luciferase
AKD018A LOVO-Luciferase-GFP Human Colon Cancer Cell Green Fluorescent Protein
AKD016A Huh7-Luciferase-GFP-puro Human Liver Cancer Cell Luciferase/green fluorescent protein/puromycin resistance gene
AKD015A Huh-7-GFP-puro Human Liver Cancer Cell the green fluorescent protein gene expression / puromycin resistance gene
AKD014A HL60-Luciferase-GFP Human promyelocytic acute leukemia cells Luciferase/Green Fluorescent Protein
AKD013A HepG2-Luciferase-GFP-Puro Human Liver Cancer Cell Green fluorescent protein/puromycin resistance gene
AKD012A B16F10-Luciferase-GFP-puro Mouse melanoma cells Luciferase/puromycin resistance gene
AKD010A A20-Luciferase-GFP Mouse B-cell Lymphoma Luciferase/Green Fluorescent Protein