Biopharmaceutical R&D

Antibody drug screening

Professional antibody drug development platform, providing services of monoclonal antibodies, single domain antibodies and fully human antibodies.

Antibody Engineering

Mature antibody function evaluation platform, providing hybridoma sequencing, antibody affinity determination and antibody humanization services.

Pharmacodynamic evaluation

High-quality antibody drug pharmacodynamic verification platform, providing ADCC, CDC, and Blocking verification services

Recombinant virus packaging

The unique serum-free packaging system meets the scientific and industrial-grade lentivirus, adenovirus packaging and CAR-T clinical needs.

CAR-T/TCR-T development

Provide high-quality CAR-T/TCR-T cell drug development services to meet the requirements of in vivo and in vitro pharmacodynamic evaluation experiments.

Diagnostic reagent development

Flow cytometry antibody and antigen (recombinant protein) related reagents help your scientific research.