CAR-T cell pharmacodynamic evaluation service

In vivo and in vitro pharmacodynamic experiments are an important basis for CAR-T clinical transformation and the key to ensuring the clinical effectiveness and safety of CAR-T. iCarTab is committed to the development of tumor immunotherapy technology and has established a complete set of CAR -T in vitro and in vivo pharmacodynamic experiment platform. Since 2015, we have provided global customers with more than 100 projects of chimeric antigen receptor T cell verification services, and some CAR-T products have officially entered the clinical trial stage. On this basis, we can provide you with the most professional CAR-T service.

>>Service Features

  • Strict laboratory data storage plan, experimental data can be traced 

  • In addition to conventional cell lines, we can construct new recombinant cell lines according to project requirements to ensure the smooth progress of the test project in all aspects 

  • Mouse tumor formation experience of multiple cell lines, covering a variety of solid tumors and hematomas, to meet the needs of different projects

>>Technical Process


>>Case Show

CD19 is currently the most mature target for CAR-T clinical transformation. The following figure shows part of the in vivo and in vitro pharmacodynamic experimental data of iCarTab-targeted CD19 CAR-T.



  • Target cell construction

  • CAR-T cell construction

  • In vitro pharmacodynamic experiment

  • In vivo pharmacodynamic experiment

  • 8-12 weeks delivery

  • Target cell

  • Target information

  • scFv sequence information or expression vector

  • experimental report


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