CAR-T virus

In order to meet the production of CAR-T cells, we can provide various high-titer recombinant virus packaging services in clinical and scientific research applications, from experimental design to vector packaging, production, purification, and quality verification. Lentiviruses have been widely used in scientific research and clinics because of their high infection efficiency to mammalian cells. They are one of the common viruses used to construct CAR-T cells. However, the lentiviral infection of primary T cells is always a challenging task, especially for T cells in a dormant state. The infection efficiency of lentivirus is usually less than 10%, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of CAR-T cell construction. .

Our lentivirus packaging team has been engaged in lentivirus-related work for a long time. It has been able to increase the ability of lentivirus to carry foreign genes, improve the affinity of lentivirus to cells from different tissues, and increase the production and titer of lentivirus. Carried out system optimization. The lentivirus prepared based on our third-generation lentivirus packaging system can efficiently infect T cells (as shown in the figure below). The results of flow cytometry showed that 72 hours after infection, more than 85% of T cells could highly express green fluorescent protein. iCarTab provides customers with one-stop lentivirus-related services, including construction of lentiviral expression vectors, preparation of transfection-grade supercoiled plasmids, and packaging of high-titer and high-purity lentivirus.

>>Product Features

  • The third-generation lentivirus packaging system based on 5 plasmids further improves biological safety and is safe and secure 

  • TetOff-based inducible expression system produces high-titer lentivirus 

  • Serum-free virus preparation system, completely get rid of the trouble of residual FBS 

  • Preferred LVX-293T clone, suspension acclimatization, suitable for serum-free culture 

  • Tangential flow filtration to purify viruses, suitable for in vivo applications 

  • Q-PCR determination of functional titer, bid farewell to the false high titer of ELISA 

  • Provide clinical and scientific CAR-T virus packaging services

>>Technical Process




  • scFv selection

  • CAR molecular design and gene synthesis

  • CAR virus expression vector construction

  • CAR virus packaging

  • If there is no antibody sequence, the target protein-encoding gene ID (CDS sequence NM_XXXXX.X) or ORF sequence information of the target protein-encoding gene can be provided

  • If antibody sequence is available, antibody coding sequence can be provided

  • Virus standards required by customers

  • Cloning vector containing the target gene 4μg

  • Standard CAR virus required by customers

  • Experiment report and COA file