Rabbit polyclonal antibody preparation service

Polyclonal antibodies exist in the serum of immunized animals and can be obtained by directly separating the serum. Because of the advantages of recognizing multiple epitopes, causing agglutination, precipitation, etc., it is widely used in the field of immunological diagnosis.

Icartab focuses on screening services for a variety of antibodies. We have a professional antibody preparation technical team, complete antibody production equipment and advanced antibody preparation technology. It can accept the antigen provided by the customer, and can also help the customer prepare the antigen, and promises that the final ELISA titer is greater than 1:64,000, and the protein antigen promises to have a positive Western blot test result.

>>Service Features:

  • A variety of immunogens can be selected: small molecule sub-coupling, polypeptide coupling and prokaryotic protein and eukaryotic protein expression services can be provided.

  • A variety of antibody purification technologies : Protein A, Protein G, and antigen affinity purification programs have been proposed.

  • Technical support real-time tracking: From the preliminary consultation to the end of the project, our professional technical support staff will follow up the whole process to ensure the smooth completion of the entire antibody preparation project.

>>The preparation process of rabbit polyclonal antibody: