Hybridoma Sequencing Service

In order to meet the needs of industrial production, obtaining hybridoma cell monoclonal antibody gene sequences is particularly important for large-scale stable expression of monoclonal antibodies. In order to better meet the actual needs of the industry , Icartab has launched a monoclonal antibody gene sequencing service based on PCR amplification technology. We use professional degenerate primer design and sequencing solutions, while optimizing economic and time costs, to provide customers with fast and accurate antibody variable regions and full-length gene sequencing services. We provide high-quality one-stop service to solve your monoclonal antibody sequencing needs at one time.

>>Service Features

  • Optimized primers for antibody cloning without losing any important sequence information 

  • Randomly select more than 10 clones for sequencing to ensure the accuracy of the sequence 

  • Deliver sequencing results within 2 weeks

>>Technical Process


  • Antibody coding cDNA preparation

  • Antibody heavy chain/light chain clone

  • Sequencing vector construction

  • Clone sequencing

  • Cycle: 2 weeks

  • Hybridoma cells

  • Antibody heavy and light chain information

  • Cloning vector containing antibody heavy chain and light chain

  • Experiment report, original experiment record