Antibody Humanization Service

Mouse-derived antibodies cannot be directly used in clinics, and can easily cause HAMA reactions after being imported into humans. Therefore, the humanization of mouse-derived antibodies to obtain humanized antibodies is an important link in the development of antibody drugs. The iCarTab team has developed bioinformatics humanization platform BioMH Designer for the antibody humanization, with rich experience in bioinformatics analysis、humanized antibody design、antibody expression and purification、affinity measurement、antibody function evaluation and other technical links, we provide customers with guaranteed antibody humanization services to ensure that humanized antibodies maintain the same order of magnitude.

>>Service Features

  • The Antibody Discovery tool kit with independent intellectual property rights will tell you the "guess work" in the sourced design and ensure affinity  

  • Mature antibody function evaluation platform, covering the downstream needs of antibody drug research and development, and one-stop solution to all problems

  • Guaranteed service to ensure that the affinity of the humanized antibody to the target protein is maintained at the same order of magnitude as that of the chimeric antibody

>>Technical Process


>>Case Show


  • Mouse Anti-Bioinformatics Analysis

  • CDR&SDR Grafting-Back mutation

  • Antibody expression purification and affinity determination

  • Antibody function identification

  • Cycle: 10-11 weeks

  • Mouse Anti-Sequence Information

  • Target recombinant protein

  • Humanized antibody sequence

  • Humanized antibody expression vector and recombinant antibody 1mg

  • Experimental data

  • Affinity data