Antibody affinity determination service

In the development of therapeutic monoclonal antibody drugs, several or even dozens of candidate monoclonal antibodies against targeted antigens are usually obtained, except for the subtypes, sequence information, antigenic determinants, stability, and function of these antibodies. In addition to the analysis of other properties, the affinity between antibodies and antigens is another parameter that needs to be focused on in the development of monoclonal antibodies. At present, the main method to determine the affinity between antibody and antigen is to use the BiaCore system to use surface plasmon resonance (SPR) to monitor the interaction between molecules in real time. Icartab uses the BiaCore T200 intermolecular interaction analysis system, which can provide efficient and sensitive antibody-antigen affinity analysis, providing important reference data for the screening of candidate monoclonal antibodies.

>>Technical Process


  • Coupling antibody and antigen on BiaCore chip

  • Measure the affinity between antibody and antigen by BiaCore T200, and calculate Kd value by curve equation fitting

  • Antibody

  • Antigen (purity>90%; concentration>1μg/μL)

  • Or entrust Icartab to prepare corresponding antibodies and antigens

  • Project closing report

  • Raw data

  • Remaining antibody or antigen