Overexpression stable cell line

Gene overexpression or knockout is one of the commonly used methods to study gene function. Through transient transfection, gene expression peaks are usually observed in the range of 36-48 hours, after which the peak disappears quickly. For sustained gene expression, recombinant stable cell lines must be screened. Lentiviruses can effectively stably integrate foreign genes into the host cell genome, especially for those host cells that are difficult to transfect. Using this feature of lentivirus, it is possible to easily achieve the overexpression of the target gene and the knockdown of the target gene in the target cell, and construct a recombinant cell line that can be passaged stably.

>>Service Features

  • 2 free cells, free storage for 6 months

  • A variety of promoters and resistance screening markers to meet the needs of different customers

  • Polyclonal guarantee services, funds without worry

  • A variety of cloning validation protocols, including molecular level and protein level validation

>>Technical Process


>>Case Show


  • Lentiviral vector preparation

  • Lentivirus packaging

  • Positive cell clone screening

  • Identification of positive clones

  • 8-10 weeks delivery

  • Target gene information

  • Host cell line

  • Stable cell line

  • Sequencing report

  • Q-PCR, Western Blot test results