Recombinant human CD19 protein (CD19-FC)

【No.】IRP021A 【Protein name】 Recombinant human CD19 protein (CD19-FC)
【Gene Sequence Number/Expression Region】P15391/(20-291AA) 【Label position】C-terminal Human-Fc Tag
【Restriction sites】- 【Packing specification】100μg/tube

CD19 molecule is a glycosylated type I transmembrane protein with a molecular weight of 95KD on the surface of B cells. It is only expressed in B cells of the normal hematopoietic system and follicular dendritic cells (FDC) in the germinal center. Not expressed in cells. The expression of CD19 molecules starts in bone marrow B progenitor cells and continues throughout the maturation stage of B cells until they disappear when they differentiate into plasma cells [1] . CD19/CD21/CD81 complex and BCR form a dual antigen binding model of B cells, which participates in the signal transduction of B cells [2] ; in addition, CD19 molecules participate in the movement of Ca + in B cells and regulate the activation and proliferation of B cells; Since CD19 is a marker of B cells, CAR-T targeting CD19 has shown shocking efficacy in the treatment of malignant B lymphocyte tumors [3,4] . To FMC63 antibody (targeting CD19 Antibody) sequence constructed CAR-T , it has become the world's first listing of CAR-T cells drugs. FMC63 can specifically recognize the extracellular segment of CD19 , so it can be used for flow cytometric detection of CD19 positive cells or for the activity detection of CD19 recombinant protein.

Product Name: Recombinant human source CD19 protein

Species: Human origin

Gene sequence number: P15391

Tags: Human-Fc Tag

Tag site: C terminal

Restriction site: none

Expression area: extracellular segment ( 20-291AA )

Host cell: CHO-S

Purity: >90%

Purification method: Protein A column

Preservation system: PBS+20% glycerol

Storage conditions: -80℃


Illustration: Lane M on the left is protein MW marker, Lane 1 is 10ug CD19-Fc protein;

The right image shows the FACS detection of the binding of CD19-FC protein and CD19CAR-T

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