Recombinant human siglec10 protein

【No.】IRP015A 【Protein name】 Recombinant human siglec10 protein
【Gene Sequence Number/Expression Region】Q96LC7/17-546AA 【Label position】C-terminal Human-Fc Tag
【Restriction sites】Enterokinase 【Packing specification】100μg/tube

Siglec molecules are a class of classic immunoglobulin-like lectins. At present,  15  human and  9  murine Siglec  molecules have been found, which are usually expressed on cells of the innate immune system. The Siglec  family belongs to type I membrane proteins with a single transmembrane. The N  -terminus is composed of a V-set Ig  domain that binds sialic acid and a certain number of  C2-set Ig  domains.

Siglec-10 is a member of the Siglec family. In the immune response, Siglec-10 has been shown to have a negative regulatory effect on the functions of the innate and acquired immune system. CD24, which is highly expressed in tumor cells, is one of the ligands of Siglecl 10 [1] . Studies have found that the combination of CD24 and Siglecl-10 triggers an inhibitory signal cascade. The intracellular tail contains immunoglobulin tyrosine. inhibitory motifs (ITIMs) of Siglecl-10 can be raised by tyrosine phosphatase, such as SH2 domain containing protein tyrosine phosphatases SHP-1 and SHP-2 , inhibitory signal transduction into the cell, thus blocking the TLR -mediated Inflammation and cytoskeletal rearrangement required by macrophages to engulf target cells [2] . By knocking out CD24 or Siglec-10 gene and blocking the interaction between CD24-Siglec-10 , the phagocytic ability of macrophages on tumor cells with high expression of CD24 can be improved , and the survival time of patients can be prolonged [3].

This product is Siglec-10 recombinant protein ( FC tag can be removed by enterokinase), which can be used for monoclonal antibody screening or antibody function verification.

Product name: Recombinant human source Siglec-10 protein

Species: Human origin

Gene sequence number: Q96LC7

Tags: Human-Fc Tag

Tag site: C terminal

Restriction site: enterokinase

Expression area: extracellular segment (17-546AA)

Host cell: CHO

Purity: >90%

Purification method: Protein A column

Preservation system: PBS+20% glycerol

Storage conditions: -80℃

Lane M on the left is the protein MW marker, Lane 1 is 15ug Siglec10(17-546)-Fc protein;

The picture on the right shows the flow cytometric detection of the binding of Siglec10-Fc protein to 293T overexpressing Siglec10-CAR

Reference materials:

1. The human B cell-associated antigen CD24 is a single chain sialoglycoprotein

2. CD24 and Siglec-10 Selectively Repress Tissue Damage–Induced Immune Responses

3. CD24 signalling through macrophage Siglec-10 is a target for cancer immunotherapy