Recombinant human CLL1 protein (CLL1-entrokinase-FC)

【No.】IRP009A 【Protein name】 Recombinant human CLL1 protein
【Gene Sequence Number/Expression Region】Q5QGZ9/(65-263AA) 【Label position】N-terminal Human-Fc Tag
【Restriction sites】Enterokinase 【Packing specification】100μg/tube

C- type lectin-like molecule . 1 (C-TypeLectin-LikeMolecule. 1-,-CLL. 1) , present in the peripheral blood and bone marrow myeloid cells and the majority of AML leukemic cells, but is also expressed in AML most of the CD34 + CD38 - , while the normal stem cells in the CD34 + CD38- not expressed on stem cells. The expression of leukemia cell surface antigen CLL-1 helps to distinguish myeloid leukemia from lymphoid leukemia. CLL-1 as LSC flag antigen, and help identify separation between normal stem cells and leukemic stem cells, leukemia immunophenotyping and AML of MRD have important value on the detector. This product is a CLL1-FC recombinant protein (the FC tag can be removed by enterokinase), which can be used for monoclonal antibody screening or antibody function verification.

Product name: Recombinant human CLL1 protein

Species: Human origin

Gene sequence number: Q5QGZ9

Tags: Human-Fc Tag

Tag site: N-terminal

Restriction site: enterokinase

Expression area: extracellular segment ( 65-263AA )

Host cell: 293F

Purity:> 90%

Purification method: Protein A column

Preservation system: PBS+20% glycerol

Storage conditions: -80℃

Illustration : Lane M on the left is the protein MW marker, Lane 1 is 15ug CLL1-Fc protein

Reference materials:

1. Targeting human C-type lectin-like molecule-1 (CLL1) with a bispecific antibody for immunotherapy of acute myeloid leukemia

2. C-type lectin-like molecule-1 (CLL1)-targeted TRAIL augments the tumoricidal activity of granulocytes and potentiates therapeutic antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity