HRP Anti-M13 Mouse monoclonal antibody

【No.】IAB018A 【Antibody name】 HRP Anti-M13 mouse monoclonal antibody
【Antibody subtype】Mouse IgG 【Use】ELISA detection
【Packing specification】100μg/tube 【Mode of transport】-20°C transportation

The M13 phage belongs to a single-stranded circular DNA virus. Its genome is 6.4 kb and encodes 10 proteins, of which 5 are structural proteins, including the main capsid protein PⅧ and the minor capsid pⅢ, pⅥ, PⅦ and PⅨ. Among them, pⅢ and PⅧ are the two most commonly used proteins in phage display, which can be used to construct pⅢ and PⅧ phage display systems, respectively. The molecular weight of pⅢ protein is 42 kDa and is located at one end of the phage particle. Generally, a phage has 3-5 copies, divided into N1, N2, and CT3 domains. Both N1 domain and CT domain can achieve foreign protein Fusion display. The pⅢ system does not have strict requirements on the size of the foreign protein displayed, and can be used to display proteins with larger molecular weights. The PVIII protein has a molecular weight of 5.2 kDa and is mainly distributed on the outside of the phage particles. It is the main capsid protein of the M13 phage, with more than 2700 copies. But it is only suitable for displaying about 5 short peptides. This is because too large foreign peptides will cause steric hindrance, affect virus packaging, and fail to form functional phages.

Currently, M13 phage has been widely used in phage display technology. HRP Anti-M13 antibody is an indispensable reagent in the ELISA test of the screening results of phage display technology.

Product name: HRP Anti-M13 mouse monoclonal antibody

Reactivity: human

Concentration: 1μg/μL

Application: ELISA

Purification method: ProteinG affinity chromatography

Storage system: PBS, pH 7.4, 20% glycerol

Storage conditions: -20°C refrigerator, avoid repeated freezing and thawing

Coating: 2 μg/mL Protein,4°C overnight;

Sample: M13 phages displaying VHH for protein1 and protein1;

Antibody: HRP M13 Antibody (1:3000-1:20000)