TIM3 Recombinant Antibody

【No.】IAB015A 【Antibody name】 TIM3 Recombinant Antibody
【Antibody subtype】human IgG4 【Use】Flow detection
【Packing specification】100μg/tube 【Mode of transport】-20°C transportation

TIM3 (T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domains-containing protein 3) is a member of the T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin family, and is a type of receptor specifically expressed on the surface of Th1 cells. It has been found that TIM3 has four related ligands, including Galectin - 9 (Galectin- 9 ) , High Mobility Group Protein B1 (HMGB1) , Carcinoembryonic Antigen Cell Adhesion Molecule 1 (Ceacam-1) and Phosphatidylserine (PtdSer) . Galectin -9 may TIM3 bind and cause calcium influx Th1 intracellular region of cells, induction of T cell apoptosis; PtdSer and TIM3 interaction promotes clearance of apoptotic bodies, and to promote the dendritic cells (DC) of Antigen cross-presentation; HMGB1 is a key ligand for normal dendritic cell (DC) activation, TIM3 inhibits HMGB1 in tumor-infiltrating DCRole; CEACAM. 1- and TIM3 interaction between a T negative regulator of the cellular response. TIM3 has become one of the most studied immunotherapy targets.

This product is a recombinant antibody targeting TIM3 , which can be used for flow cytometric detection of TIM3 over-expressing recombinant cell lines and detection of recombinant protein activity.

Product Name: TIM3 Recombinant Antibody

Reactivity: human

Subclass: human IgG4

Purification method: affinity chromatography

Storage system: PBS, pH 7.4, 20% glycerol

Storage conditions: -20°C refrigerator, avoid repeated freezing and thawing

Illustration :Left lane M is a protein MW marker, Lane 1 is 10ug TIM3 recombinant antibody ; right is detected by FACS CHO- TIM3 recombinant cell surface TIM3 expression

Reference materials:

1. Tim-3: An Emerging Target in the Cancer Immunotherapy Landscape

2. TIM-3 as a Target for Cancer Immunotherapy and Mechanisms of Action