Fully human antibody screening service

The process of antibody humanization can help reduce the immunogenicity of non-human antibodies, but it cannot completely solve the HAMA problem. The complete human monoclonal antibody sequence is derived from the human gene bank and is currently the most safe and effective monoclonal antibody. The proportion of fully human monoclonal antibodies used in clinical practice is increasing. Since 2002, 31 fully human monoclonal antibodies have been approved for clinical use. iCarTab uses the ABexpressplatform with independent intellectual property rights to quickly obtain high-quality fullyhuman antibodies.

>>Service Advantage

  • It can cover all B cells that have affinity for antigen at one time, avoiding the loss of antibody sequence during the process of phage library construction

  • The obtained antibody sequence is a combination of natural antibody light and heavy chains, with good antibody stability

  • The antibody sequence is diverse and can cover multiple epitopes of the antigen 

  • Mature antibody function evaluation platform, covering ADCC&CDC, MLR and other solutions, one-stop solution to all your needs

>>Technical Process


>>Case Show

QUAN A.png

  • PBMC processing

  • Antibody screening

  • Antibody affinity determination and functional identification

  • Cycle: 14-16 weeks

  • Human PBMC samples (≥20 persons, ≥20mL/person)

  • Target recombinant protein

  • Recombinant cell line expressing target protein

  • Fully human antibody VH, VL sequence

  • Affinity data

  • Experimental data