Monoclonal antibody customization service

Murine monoclonal antibodies are currently one of the important sources of antibody drug development and scientific research reagent antibodies. In response to the rapidly developing market demand, iCarTab Biotech provides therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and monoclonal antibody discovery services for scientific research to customers across the country. The company has an experienced team of experts, advanced scientific research equipment and proprietary methods and technologies. It can provide multiple routes including hybridoma technology solutions and single B-cell screening solutions, which can provide guarantee services for your antibody discovery.

>>Service Features

  • Diversified immunization programs, you can use recombinant proteins, recombinant cell lines, and recombinant adenovirus to immunize mice 

  • In addition to the conventional hybridoma screening program, we also provide customers with a phage immune library and a single B cell sequencing program ( ABexpressR) to screen the target antibody 

  • Mature antibody function evaluation platform to meet the different downstream needs of antibody drug research and development

>>Technical process 1: Hybridoma program


>>Technical process 2: Single B cell sequencing solution(ABexpressR)


>>Case Show


  • Antigen preparation

  • Immunize mice

  • Antibody library preparation

  • High affinity antibody screening

  • Recombinant protein expression and antibody function identification

  • Cycle: 21-25 weeks

  • Target gene ID (CDS sequence NM_XXXXX.X) or target gene ORF sequence information

  • Recombinant protein

  • Application direction of antibodies

  • Recombinant protein

  • 3-5 hybridoma clones

  • Project Report

  • VH/VL information

  • Affinity data (optional)