Lentivirus Packaging Service

iCarTab adopts the third-generation recombinant lentivirus packaging system with the highest biological safety, and distributes Gag, Pol, Rev and VSV-G necessary for the preparation of recombinant lentivirus into different plasmids to maximize its biological safety. Preferred 293T cell clones and domesticated suspension 293TS cells can produce high-titer lentivirus in the shortest time. The serum-free lentivirus packaging system based on suspension cells can be used for clinical-grade lentivirus packaging services to meet the needs of clinical CAR-T lentivirus.

>>Service Features

  • The third-generation lentivirus packaging system further improves biosafety 

  • TetOff-based inducible expression system produces high-titer lentivirus 

  • Serum-free virus preparation system, completely get rid of the trouble of residual FBS 

  • Preferred 293T clone, suspension and acclimation of 293TS cells, suitable for serum-free high-density culture 

  • Tangential flow filtration to purify viruses, suitable for in vivo applications 

  • Q-PCR determination of functional titer, bid farewell to the false high titer of ELISA 

  • Provide clinical and scientific CAR-T virus packaging services

>>Serum-free culture system


>>Technical Process


>>Case Show

Illustration: Flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy to detect the efficiency of GFP lentivirus transfection into natural T cells

  • Lentiviral vector preparation

  • Transient transfection of packaging cells

  • Virus supernatant collection

  • Lentivirus concentration and titer determination

  • Delivery within 2-4 weeks

  • Target gene ID (CDS sequence NM_XXXXX.X) or target gene ORF sequence information

  • 5μg of plasmid containing the target gene and plasmid details

  • Required virus titer and purification level

  • Cloning vector containing the target gene 4μg

  • Recombinant Lentivirus

  • experimental report