Adenovirus Packaging Service

Adenovirus is a double-stranded DNA virus with no outer membrane that is widely distributed in nature. It is the most commonly used gene therapy vector and one of the sources of oncolytic viruses currently used clinically to treat tumors. Adenovirus can carry large fragments of foreign genes and efficiently introduce them into most mammalian cells, but adenovirus vector construction and virus packaging are tedious and time-consuming. iCarTab specializes in providing customized adenovirus production and packaging services. The technical team has many years of experience in recombinant virus production. Using in vitro homologous recombination, the foreign gene is quickly recombined from the shuttle vector into the adenovirus skeleton plasmid and finally the adenovirus , The titer is as high as 1012 PFU/mL.

>>Technical Features

  • PCR-based in vitro recombination method to efficiently construct adenovirus backbone vector 

  • Optimized 293A monoclonal cells to quickly obtain high-titer recombinant adenovirus 

  • Tangential flow filtration to purify viruses, suitable for in vivo applications

>>Technical Process


>>Case Show


  • Synthetic target gene

  • Construction of recombinant adenovirus expression vector

  • Recombinant adenovirus packaging

  • Recombinant adenovirus primary library preparation and amplification

  • Cycle: 6-8 weeks

  • Target gene ID (CDS sequence NM_XXXXX.X) or target gene ORF sequence information

  • 5μg of plasmid containing the target gene and plasmid details

  • Required virus titer and purification level

  • Shuttle vector containing the target gene 4μg

  • Recombinant Adenovirus

  • experimental report